Runic Magic in the city. Professional Help of the practiced magician.

Runic Magic in the city. Professional Help of the practiced magician.2020-04-05T14:07:29+00:00

Whatever happens in your life with money, health, love or career – the runes in my hands will help you. And the technique of ancient magic Voodoo will not leave a chance to your enemies. Runes and Voodoo are the most effective magical techniques for working in a modern city: protection from any harm, removing damage, curses, money and success magic, getting rid of addictions, getting out of a difficult situation, love magic, love spell, man`s rune magic, return of debts, revenge on enemies – everything could be done by Ancient Magic.

All directions of my magical assistance are described HERE. I am a practicing magician, psychotherapist, parapsychologist; this is my only profession and the only activity now. I have 25 years of practice and in most situations I can really  help you. I tell about myself and my Path in magic HERE.

Inga Paradise tel. WatsApp, Viber +7 910 409 25 97;

email  [email protected]

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Protection with runes. Amulets and charms

A runic amulet is your friend and sleepless guard who never betrays and is always on your side, no matter what you think and in whatever situation. There are many types of runic amulets, about …

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Runes on relationships and love

Love magic Rune does not know the impossible: to find and save love, return your beloved from a rival or husband to the family, get rid of loneliness forever, eliminate the rival forever, enhance your attractiveness and sexuality and much more …

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The magic of luck and money

The help of a runologist can help find and eliminate the cause of lack of money, remove damage, curse money, remove blocks from a money channel, stop energy theft and good luck, clear money supply channels, open roads, find the best way to earn money …

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Ancient magic spell

My technique of ancient love magic is based on the runic, but it also includes elements of voodoo magic. Love spells by means of the Runes – the optimum magic equipment of love magic in the conditions of the megalopolis. In some cases, for the love spell, I use the human Volt, made according to the canons of Voodoo magic, to prescribe the desired result using Runes.

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Defacement, revenge, curse

The runes are always on your side, and can take revenge for insults, even against your will, the magic runes will remove the curse from you, damage, evil wishes, send the negative to the customer in a reinforced version, create a mirror shield-cocoon around you. Not to mention that …

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Men’s Magic Rune

Success in business, happiness in love, success in life, as well as strength, courage and tirelessness in the struggle – this is what the runes can give a man. Money magic, runes on business, health, longevity, masculine strength, luck are the most …

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Runes in the metropolis. Notes practicing magician.

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