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An experienced magician will provide quick magical assistance in any situation.

Today in my daily city`s magical practice I combine two ancient technique – the  Runes and the Voodoo, the magic of the North and the magic of the South . I studied the Runes in my youth. And I studied Voodoo magic later…. I returned to Voodoo many times during my life, and now I successfully use Voodoo in bewitching magic, influence magic, and when I`m working with negative things.

You can get qualified and up-to-date help from an experienced magician for any question if you contact me.

Runes is an extremely effective tool of modern magic. I know the Runes as my life, fnd Runes is my life for more than 25 years. I can quickly and safely help you, regardless of your location, and this is another priceless advantage of Rune Magic.

Today, practicing in Moscow, I assist in solving a wide range of issues, like a magician and parapsychologist:

Runic Cleansing and Protection: I`ll save you of any magical negative (damage, curses, curses to death, from the generic and gypsy curses, love spell, lapel, Egilet, evil eye, crown of celibacy, etc.)

I will help you to build a harmonious personal life (build relationships with your loved one on the basis of reciprocity, save you from loneliness, help you to survive after separation, remove your opponent from the road, return your loved one and protect your family …)

I will put the magic Protection Runes, creating a personal protective Amulet from any negative magic. I I will create for you a personal Protection quickly and safely: protection of your business, your relationships, family, career, real estate, car ….

  • I can solve your financial problems (to get rid of debts, from chronic lack of money, from financial losses, from uncontrolled spending),
  • I can help you to advance quickly in your career (career in an office, in art, in politics …)
  • I can solve your problems in business (struggle with competitors, attracting customers, increasing sales, attracting lucrative deals, checking business partners),
  • I will create the Amulet to attract good luck in any business, including the luck in the game for money, stock exchange operations.
  • I can help you to win in competitions of various kinds, including in tenders, to get a success in exams, ect…
  • I can help in the fight against addictions, fears and phobias, depression.
  • I can help to solve health problems, including infertility.
  • I can help to revenge the enemies without harm for yourselves and your loved ones.

In my ordinary work, I primarily use Runes Magic, which I studied in my youth, and will remain faithful until the end of my days. But when I working with negative (mostly) and in love spel magic, I use Voodoo magic techniques too. The combined use of Magic Runes and Voodoo gives the fastest and most reliable results in a megacity. These two ancient magic perfectly complement each other when working with energy, suggestion, prohibitions, and of course, with the destruction….

I work with my clients not only as a magician, but also as a psychotherapist and parapsychologist. Here I am writing about why and why it is needed in magic and why it leads to success in work on destiny. And how can I help you as a psychotherapist and a parapsychologist.

On the pages of this blog, I publish interesting, in my opinion, cases from my 20-year magical practice in the Moscow metropolis. During the stories I give my interpretations of the most common problems, I warn you against dangerous actions in the world of energy ties, in the world of magic, relationships in a bond between a man and a woman, mother and child and some special situations.

  • I talk about my principles of interaction with my clients, in the section Magic in the metropolis.
  • It will be interesting for women to learn how they can inadvertently give their strength to a lover, lose their luck and health, find out the best way to find a man, a husband, a loved one and build reliable, long-lasting relationships, as well as learn about solving many other purely Women’s problems.
  • In the section for men, I will talk about how the runes can help them with examples from my practice.
  • How can you take revenge on the enemy and not lose your energy, luck, health ….
  • I tell about the basic principles of monetary magic in the runic.
  • About the bewitching magic with the help of the runes, what and why “it is possible and impossible”.
  • How to get your personal guard, assistant – runic amulet.
  • I explain what can be done if now there is no money to pay for my help HERE.

If, having familiarized yourself with my work methods, you decide to contact me for advice, call +79104092597 (fone, WatsApp, Veber), I will talk to you or my assistant, Mikhail, will schedule you a time for our communication. You can write me a mail runmagic.ru@gmail.com, and I will answer you.

Do not delay with the decision, if you feel that the problem repeats, it seems strange, if your strength, time, energy go away, all the more – if there is indifference to your Destiny, not to mention the worst – the thought of your own or someone’s death. Runic magic is a swift force that can come to your aid even in a big city, riddled with energy interference.

I will be glad to help you!

Inga Paradise