It will be about my magical technique, in which I combine two ancient magical practices – combining North and South, Rune magic and Voodoo magic. How, why and in what cases I use Voodoo magic and how to combine it with Runic, read in this article.
Consciousness of most people, one way or another interested in esoteric, links Voodoo magic and the use of volts. Usually a volt is a small figure depicting a person who is being worked on by a magician. Many different magical practices work with the Volt, but no one has yet surpassed the Voodoo magical techniques in the making, “revitalizing” and working with the Volt.
In the classic runic, the Volta technique was not used everywhere, at least according to those sources that have reached us, and there are few of them.
My teacher used the volt infrequently and only when working with a negative, that is, to the detriment of the one whose volt was made. And of course in bewitching magic. I never departed from this practice, never applied volts for the benefit of the client. And I don’t do that until now.
All work with the client’s energy for the benefit of him, in finance, relationships, protection, cleaning, and so on, I spend only with the help of runeskriptov. And in these works there is no need to make a person volts. In general, making your own volt is a very risky event and I don’t recommend it, even if you are promised an immediate recovery and / or rejuvenation. In addition to some working moments that I don’t want to disclose, there are risks that your volt may fall into the wrong hands, or suddenly stay with the mage with unknown consequences. Or it can be thrown away, which is also bad, but sometimes worse. I know examples and write about it.
The use of volts in rune magic in love spells and when working on influence works fine. And in the conditions of the city, the volt can accumulate a fair amount of energy. But in order for this to happen, that is, so that the volt “comes to life”, I use the Voodoo technique. Their circling techniques, the circle of the magical ligament, just as the joint work of several masters gives the volt the power to come to life and work on a given energy program.
As always, the question arises of paying for this energy. If the question is important for several masters, then they can join forces to solve it. And they solve very serious issues, remember at least the Jewish practitioners …. I will not develop this topic.
In the classics of Voodoo, divorces, the spirits of this religion, are invoked to revive a volt. It is also possible to use their power in our latitudes, and in some cases I practice it.
However, much more often I put the power of the Runes into the volt, and revive the volt on my Altar. He gets power from the runic egregor. Further, it is enough to register a program of work for him with the help of Runes and now the volt is ready to work in the interests of my client. In 90% of cases, this is of course the bewitching magic and magic of influence on decision-making. Last brilliantly works in business.
The condition for the production of a good volt is the presence of the biomaterial of the person to whom we are doing the volt. Of course, you can make and photo, and just a doll with a name. However, a volt with a biomaterial is a classic with which it is easier to work with and where the result is predictable.
As I have already mentioned, in itself, the magic of Voodoo appeals for energy not to the runic egregor, but to its own gods. However, in my experience of many years, the application of runic symbols on a volt, made according to the Voodoo technique, is more effective in conditions of a megacity and in our latitudes. After all, the work of a magician is work with energies, and at every point on the planet the flow of energy is very different. And those energies, those forces that are being addressed on the African continent, are weak in our latitudes.
But the volt, made and animated by the Voodoo technique, with runes stacked on it, gives an excellent result, strong and accurate. Revenge of the enemies, love spell, suggestions of any kind, the fight against addictions … – this is not a complete list of the use of this complex technique, which I call the common word “Ancient Magic”.
Successes to my readers.
Inga Paradise