Магия Рун в мегаполисе. Инга Райская


In my book I tried to tell about the most striking trends in the personal and social life of modern citizens from the my point of view as practicing magician. In it, on 292 pages, I summarize my many years of experience in helping people, who find themselves in the most difficult and often strange, intractable situations.

I tell why today Magic Runes has become such an effective tool for changing reality. What features of the modern world allowed the runic magic to become the most effective magical technique of the modern world?

In addition, in my book, everyone, even if remotely interested in esoterics or techniques of personal growth, will find something useful for their daily life, success and security.

In the seven chapters of this book, I answer the most popular questions of my clients, which I have collected for more than twenty years.:

  • What is Destiny and how to go on its edge between desire and opportunity, while maintaining the joy of life and faith in yourself?
  • What is magical damage, curse …, how to get rid of and defend against these problems with the help of Rune magic and / or proper relationship with the World?
  • What magic have desires, what is achievable in life, and what is not and why? How to distinguish the first from the second and increase your chances of happiness?
  • What can the rune magic really do for money and how can it be used so, as not to ruin one’s destiny?
  • How to safely use the runes in order to build a personal relationship in modern realities?
  • How to achieve success in business, good luck and self-realization with the help of Run’s magic?
  • What are magical wars?
  • How to get revenge with the help of Rune?
  • Is it possible to steal someone else’s luck, beauty, money using a runescript?

… and many others …

I consider all these questions with the most interesting and illustrative examples from my practice throughout the seven chapters of this book.

This book is not a magic tutorial. There are no magic symbols, rituals and techniques in it. I do not urge to turn to magic, if there is at least some opportunity to sort out your life by yourself. And I give directions in this book for self-help, for maintaining control over your life, for optimal human behavior in the modern world.

This book contains only my personal conclusions, considerations and observations, based on my own many years of practice as a magician. And I myself am surprised at how elementary the explanation of such mysterious matters (as the magical metamorphosis of personality and the destiny of man) sounds! I tell in this book how it happens in reality, using examples from my magic practice.

Unfortunately, the book is only available in Russian. But I plan to finish the translation soon.

For review, I publish an excerpt from the book. HERE.

My book in print is a modern and very effective artifact. Contact with any egregore always happens through objects, ceremonies, actions connected with this egregore. Contact with the rune Egregore will be much stronger if you own my book with the author’s signature and a personalized Letter for good luck in your Way.

Personal copy of the Book can not be given to another person forever. You can give your Book for the time being read only to those who sincerely asked you to do this, who will treat it with attention, will not leave it anywhere, and will definitely return it to you. This is the first edition, and I accompany every paper Book with the inscription of a letter for the owner. It is enough to write me your Name in the order form, I will sign you a book and put on your personal Leiter. If you already have my rune scripts, then contact with them will be even higher, and if not, the possession of this edition will increase contact with the rune egregore for the future.

My Book is part of my magical practice. Therefore, it is quite natural that it is in itself an active artifact, especially with my personal signature …. The fact that the text does not contain the rune scripts was done by me consciously, since the same combination of Runes can be beneficial for some readers and dangerous to others. In addition, all my experience in rune magic shows the danger of frivolous amateur performances in this area. I also write about this in the Book and illustrate with examples from my practice.

My Book will serve the benefit of any owner if he treats her with respect. It will bring you an understanding, first of all, of your own goals and the best way to them, and secondly, it will show underwater currents in your environment and will also prompt the solution. Of course, for this to happen, we must not just put it under the pillow, but read, think, reread the incomprehensible one more time …

While the Book in printed form in Russian can be ordered only on my site. Price without shipping cost 480 rub.

An electronic version has already been published on the Litres website. There cost 300 p. In the electronic version, a book is just information, and as an artifact, this information will not work. But involvement in the egregore Rune always increases the likelihood of a positive path. And besides, in the Book there are a lot of  very useful information for any person, even regardless of the attitude towards the Magic of Runes.

I wish all owners of the Book of success in the Way!

Inga  Paradise

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