I recommend to clean the apartment with runes in case of detection of any negative

I recommend to clean the apartment with runes in case of detection of any negative

Before rendering any magic help, it is required to execute a standard program for all: a negative diagnosis (damage, curse, evil eyes, love spells, cuffs, etc., etc.), to see how the situation develops, the possibility of my intervention, to see what how and when it can be done, how to avoid harm when intervening, how long the work will last and how much everything will cost, at least approximately. As a result, the client receives such a “navigation map”, “work plan” for his occasion.

At the first reception, I always do the same for everyone, no matter the photos, by phone, Skype or in person. Therefore, the cost of personal diagnostics for all is the same – 20$

If you want to diagnose the relationship of a couple, then the cost of such a diagnosis is 60 $, it including feelings, thoughts, intentions of everyone.

I always send the result in writing, so that later you can see, remember what and how it was, what you have done, what remains to be done. (If you want to hear the diagnostic result from me also verbally, this is possible by prior arrangement about the time of the call .) This “map” happens for a long time if a global goal is set (business development, abilities), or for a specific period of time (to attract someone’s attention, to pass exams).

In any case, the initial consultation is very useful, even if you decide to refuse magical assistance (or I will not take up your case). This is an opportunity to look at what is happening, to find out the source of the problem, its strengths and weaknesses. By the way, I deduct the cost of the first consultation from the cost of the next work on the issue.

Some common questions about my first consultation I highlight HERE ..

You can ask for help directly from the site, for this you need to WRITE ME A LETTER in the form on the site and I will answer you as soon as I can.

Inga Paradise