I professionally do runic magic for so long, that all the inconveniences and advantages of the magician`s life have long ceased to be noticed. It’s just my life, such a routine, with which I will not part … at least in this life.
Therefore, I have never perceived my style, the order of communication with clients, the rules of my work as something unusual. I took them from my lovely  Teacher exactly. But she lived and practiced in a Latvian farm, and I am doing it now in the metropolis of Moscow. I tried to bring my Teacher’s rules as close as possible to my current realities, and I follow this path to this day.
The main thing in her practice was the presumption of human will. Whatever he comes from. And the client’s Will limited only his security, including the safety of loved ones.
I have not retreated from this by one step over all the long years of practice.
BUT in order to comply with this, in Runic it is necessary to always be in contact with a person, explain the rules of interaction with Runes, give necessary recommendations for interaction with the world and continuously monitor the human condition, give advice, pay attention to signs and not only ….
How to do this in practice in order to be able to work and not drive the client around? Only one way out – most of the work done remotely.
Besides that, runic is very special kind of magic. The magician creates runeskript (combinations of Runes), and then this artifact does its work. Of course, after it has been correctly composed and consecrated by the initiate Master according to the Tradition. And the rest of the accompaniment can be done in any convenient way. There is no dependence of the effectiveness of my work on the distance between me and the client, if I have his photo and the runes on the photo. And I deliver a protective amulet (ore  other runescript) to any point of the Earth; now it is not difficult and even no longer expensive.
And the points on the globe with the addresses of the delivery of amulets to my customers are multiplying and multiplying. And with the increase in their number on the map, we are becoming stronger, to the glory of Runes, Asgard and the good of my clients …
In this article, I first met to write about my work style. What I actually do and how I help.
(I myself am interested in writing this, maybe I will notice some opportunities to do better …)
So, I will skip that part of my work, which I call myself educational. Honestly, I just write new ones myself or provide old records for publication. And my assistants do further work on the placement and design of materials for me …
After you have contacted me for the first time, I suggest you make a diagnosis (if I don’t see an unacceptable request, this also happens). What is my first diagnosis and why it is needed, it is written in detail HERE. There are no difficulties: payment of $ 20., Photo, statement of request.
And then, if a person decides to continue, and there is a need for this, and I can help him, then our very joint work begins.
The first task for me is to choose the Runes to solve your problem, taking into account your individuality, and to build a runescript from them, to choose combinations of Runes that correspond to the task, such that they will help you. My runescripts are always individual, made just for you. This is necessary for proper operation, for the safety of the client, for the safety of his relatives.
Then I give (usually I send by e-mail) general recommendations on interaction with the World, on the prevention of dangerous situations, on energy security, on personal relations, in order to facilitate a person to be included in the right energy exchange. In addition, I am sending materials directly on working with the Runes, what and when you need to do to ensure that everything is correct. So that you do not be scared by making a mistake, so that you can always read and remember what and how.
At the time of our work, I protect not only you, but also your children and loved ones, and even (at your request) your pets from the possible consequences of the impact on your energy.
And now I will say a very important, in my opinion: I accompany the life of clients throughout our work, and then for at least three months, but in fact as much as is necessary for the success of magical work.
This is absolutely necessary for all types of work: when removing a magical negative, when setting up a defense, when working for financial or other success, and especially important when correcting personal and sexual life.
Controlling a client’s situation and well-being is vitally important when working with a magical negative: if you want to remove a negative from yourself or a loved one or order damage, a love spell, revenge on the offender, steal someone’s luck, money …. It’s extremely dangerous to do without competent support and constant contact with the master.
If you have to pay every visit for any alarm, it is annoying, and you can simply not turn at the key moment. Time will be lost, losses can be fatal.
Therefore, I am always in touch, you can get help at the slightest anxiety and doubt. Yes, it is not convenient for my daily life. But my life has ceased to be normal for a very long time, and I do not need another. But it is possible to live and work in a big city like this, only if the majority of clients receive it remotely, which I do. As I mentioned above, for me there is not much difference (in the overwhelming number of calls) where exactly my client is, next to me or at the other end of the world. There is a photo, a name, a runescript and the ability to transfer a runescript to a person. This is enough for me to succeed. There are rare exceptions to this rule, which I will not touch here, but they are very rare.
В заключение хочу сказать, что в своей практике я ввела одно новое положение, которого не было в практике моей Наставницы.
I practice in a big city, many of my clients find me on the Internet, and not only on the advice of their friends. Therefore, in order to stop all talk of “deception”, I promise to anyone who finds that “Runes do not work” to return the money for the Ritual … of course, along with the problems that he wanted to protect himself ….
I wish success to all my readers!
Inga Paradise