Когда надо срочно обращаться за магической помощью.

thoughts of suicide – a reason to urgently ask for a diagnosis of magical effects

(According to numerous requests from readers, I publish a list of problems so that readers know, when it is necessary to urgently seek professional help from magic: diagnostics for negative magic, damage, love spell, curse …)



  • If dead relatives are dreaming and asking for help
  • If there are strange injuries, cuts, ridiculous accidents with you and / or relatives
  • If your pets die or run away, howl, hide, behave strangely
  • Unreasonable fires occur.
  • All psychosomatic diseases – a marker for magic negative, for energy loss
  • If negative events repeat for no apparent reason.
  • If you feel and / or see that you are repeating the unfortunate fate of a dead relative
  • Electrical appliances are constantly failing.
  • If the clock does not live on you, break, get lost
  • Strange letters, calls, messages come from unknown sources
  • Generally very strange things that you cannot explain on the physical level.
  • Any thoughts towards suicide
  • Thirst for the world of the dead, funeral paraphernalia
  • Of course, this list is not complete, but I mainly tried to reflect. And the rest is not difficult to extrapolate, that is, to mentally extend to your circumstances.

Recently, I completed a useful article on what to do if there is no money to pay for the help of a master. If you have such a situation, then you should go here.

I will be glad to help you!

Inga Paradise